Monday, May 25, 2015

Memorial Day Sale, Mon-Tue.

I've been working much of the day, so I'm very late in posting this on my blog, but will do so quickly now.  Sale continues Tues, 5/26, so there is still time to save!

Wishing each of you a very safe and 
happy Memorial Day weekend.

I've been adding new jewelry and components recently, 
not shown in this photo. 
I encourage you to take a look!

In the meantime...

Here is a previous Memorial Day entry you might enjoy. (Just beware that the sale info is from 2 years ago and that code won't work!)

Link to:   
Memories of Peonies 

 Best wishes to you and your loved ones,



Monday, May 18, 2015

Color and Flower Inspired Works!

In my last blog entry, I discussed how colors and flowers frequently inspired my jewelry and bead making. I invited feedback from my readers, and I'm thrilled to have some responses to share!  (Keep them coming!)

Shirley Jones Moore makes intriguing components from seed beads!   She mentioned in her comments from the last post that she was very inspired by color.

Sparkle Berry Cubes
Sparkle Berry Cubes
Galaxy Bead

And sure enough, just look at these fabulous colors for Spring and  Summer!   You can find more of Shirley's components at:

There is lots more to see, 
including this red/white Peppermint Twister pair!
Great color and delightful photography!

From Natalie Pappas, creator of fabulously unique pottery beads, we have this lovely bead inspired by flowers!

Peach Rose Porcelain Bead

Peach Rose Porcelain Bead

Also check out Natalie's other store and blog on her website:

To see more of Natalie's flower-themed beads,

And finally, I've included a couple of my own most recent flower-inspired pieces of jewelry.  

Fresh Flowers and Relic Necklace with artisan-made pottery beads and copper accents
Fresh Flowers and Relic Necklace with artisan-made pottery beads and copper accents

Metapolies™ (Etsy)

Includes artisan-made pottery beads by Natalie Pappas (NKP Designs), Marti Conrad (Marti's Buttons-n-Beads), and Jenny Gholson-Morris (EclecticPrairie). Focal flower bead is by Tracee Dock (Classic Bead).>

Daisy-in-heart necklace, pottery pendant, lampwork beads, hand-made, artisan beads, OOAK

Daisy-in-heart necklace, pottery pendant, lampwork beads, hand-made, artisan beads, OOAK

Metapolies™ (Etsy)
< Ceramic focal by Suzieqbeads.  Polka dot lampwork beads from Crazy Lady Glass.>

To see more of my flower items
just click:  

Tuesday, May 12, 2015

What inspires you?

When I find myself inspired by something, it's usually COLOR!   

Image result for pinterest symbol  I keep a section on my Pinterest page just full of color combinations that inspire my jewelry making!  Even in the other sections of my Pinterest page, you'll find that COLOR abounds!   (I invite you to take a look and follow any or all parts that inspire YOU!
Check out the
  "Color Wheel Primer"
on HGTV website!
I love bright colors, pastels, muted colors, light grays and tans and the many shades of white!    

You'll see a lot of architecture and sites from around the world in those Pinterest photos!  A lot of the colors I love come from nature, especially flowers.  Those are the photos I'm most apt to take myself.   

I got a pretty Mother's Day bouquet Sunday, and just had to snap a few photos to share!

And a few more flowers--carnations, which are not everyone's favorite, but they are one of mine--and spirea from our garden!

A few years ago, I posted a bouquet and had a jewelry-design blog hop.  I'm  not going to be so formal this time, but I do hope the flower photos inspire a creation of your own.   **If you make something and would like to share, please send (or link to) a photo and I'll be happy to post!**  

Thanks and Happy Designing!



Saturday, May 2, 2015

Mother's Day at Metapolies™!

First of all,
Happy May Day Weekend!

Then all-to-quickly, 
we move on to the 
next celebration on the calendar--
Mother's Day!

I've just REDUCED PRICES on many items (jewelry, beads, and components) just in time for MOTHER'S DAY gift-giving!  

Lots of jewelry!

REDUCED!  Metallic sunflower polymer clay necklace, purple embossed copper bail, Shibori pleated silk ribbon, purple cuff bracelet set  REDUCED!  Water Nymph Lampwork and Copper Artisan-made Earrings

 I'm happy to ship your order directly to a gift recipient, with items gift-wrapped and ready to go! I'll even waive the additional fee if you need your gift shipped to a different address than the rest of your order. (U.S. only please.) Offer good through Mother's Day! 

Lots of polymer clay beads... 

...and metal components!

Find all REDUCED items grouped together here, (...with the exception of the new sterling silver "matchstick" components.  I've reduced those  too!)
Please leave a message at my Etsy store  if you'd like to send a GIFT CERTIFICATE! I can arrange for that in the amount you want. Perfect gift for 
last-minute shoppers and people you know who might prefer to choose their own gift! 
gift boxes
No coupon code is needed to take advantage of these special offers! (But if you do have a coupon code, you are welcome to use it at checkout for additional savings.)

Wishing all a very happy celebration of Mom's everywhere!

Would you like to tell us of a special talent or favorite quality about your mom or a mom  you know?   Please drop us a comment!

(My mom was a lovely seamstress.  Too bad that talent wasn't genetic!   My favorite quality of hers was her everyday sweetness!   I miss her bunches!  xo)


Image Credits:

Jewelry and tulip photos by Sharyl
Graphic of gifts from


Monday, April 27, 2015

Listing Motivation!

I've been making (but not listing) much jewelry this past year.  (Nor am I wearing it, because... well, because I'm saving it to list!)   So lately I'm thinking, "How ridiculous is this?!"

So, it seems to be time I stop/slow down on some other activities and get some of these items out in my store!


To commit myself to doing it, I'm posting a "sneak preview" of a few of the listings here, just to keep me honest! 

Let's see how this works!  ;-)

(I don't know that listing items in online stores is anyone's favorite activity!  What do you do to make it faster/easier/less painful/more enjoyable?   Please, drop us a comment!)

Have a good week, whatever your tasks are!   



Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Reflections on Earth Day 2015

On this Earth Day 2015, the 45th anniversary of this worldwide celebration, I find myself reflecting on things environmental.  It's a good time to evaluate what we do right, what needs improving, where we've been, where we are going...

earth heart

Working with the environment...

1)  Though not by design or plan, I ended up having two jobs that dealt with the environment: one in an asbestos removal training facility, another (years later) as a library manager working under contract for the U.S. Environment Protection Agency Region 7.   The latter, in particular, provided me a wonderful education in environmental matters!   Unfortunately, it also taught me about the politics of environmental concerns...   (Bummer that.)

At our home...

2)  Indoor air quality matters...  Yep, we have our very own Radon Removal System.   Wish we didn't need that, but it's not uncommon where we live. Expensive, but well worth the money for peace of mind and better health!    (We're also a non-smoking home.   None of us smoke, so that is easy!)

house with trees
3) Outdoor air quality matters too!   So we avoid  mowing and filling gas tanks in the hottest part of the day.  No burning leaves, although unfortunately burning is still allowed where we live.  (We have so much further to go... we live in a city where transportation by car travel is most common.  That wrecks one's "ecological footprint!")   On the bright side, we are in an older neighborhood that has many very large, very old trees.   We also live where tornadoes and ice storms tear them up at times.   So we plant a new tree every year or two to make up for the loss.   New homes built in our city are required to plant trees.  I find that rather amazing!   It makes for a lovelier, healthier city though!

Below is our sorry little excuse for a Japanese Maple tree, but we love it!  

4) And then there is water quality!   This is a bit more difficult to deal with on a personal level, but one thing we avoid doing is putting all those tree leaves in the street so they end up in the storm sewers.   (Not sure why folks here so often do this!)

5)  Reduce, Reuse, Recycle...  We are not saints at this, but we try.    We have nearly as much material in our recycling bin as in our trash bin.  It would be even better if we had less in each!

arrow gloss green rightI'm sure there is more I should consider, but I'll stop here.  I'm wondering what YOU do to help the environment or how you will celebrate this day! Please share!

This doesn't help the environment, but could help save you some of the GREEN stuff!  I'm having a sale on all jewelry and components.  
Shop at Metapolies™ Apr 22-23 

and get $10 off your purchase of $45 or more! Code: EARTHDAY45

Image Credits:
Photos by Sharyl, 2015
Graphics by

Saturday, April 11, 2015

Metapolies™ Store Update -- And then there was one...

Is it with sadness that I announce I have closed my Metapolies store on the Artisan Component Marketplace.   I started with the project before the site opened last year and was honored to have been selected by Marla James to be even a small part of its development.   I think ACM  provides a terrific opportunity for artisans selling their handmade beads and components, and sincerely wish I could continue with it.  

...I encourage you to continue shopping there and if you haven't taken a look yet, please do!     (Shop ACM here.)  There are beautiful hand-made art beads from around the world!   I'll feature some of them in future blog posts.

I'm finding that in addition to other commitments, trying to keep up multiple stores at once is not currently feasible for me, so I'm going back to having just one online store, for a while at least.   Because I need to be able to sell both my components and jewelry, I decided to keep the Metapolies™ store on Etsy I opened last year.  

The store on Etsy is now much better stocked with jewelry, polymer clay beads, and metal components.  I have many more items (especially jewelry) ready to list and hope to get those added in the near future.

My thanks to you all who have visited my stores as I've added, subtracted, and experimented with store venues this past year.   It has been a great learning experience for me, and I hope you have benefited by it in some ways also.  
For now,  a sigh of relief for me, as I settle down to my remaining store.  I look for many good things to come from this!  I'm hopeful the additional time will allow me to keep the store full of interesting items for you, and I'll be able to refocus my attention on:

  •  creating new designs, 
  • blogging, and 
  • marketing.

My sincere thanks and best wishes to all,


P.S.  To recap:  

I'll be working on updating whatever links I've not yet changed in the next day or two.